SampleHero - The Cabaret Piano (KONTAKT)

SampleHero - The Cabaret Piano for KONTAKT if you are looking for the incredibly realistic sound of a virtual piano with an unrivaled amount of atmosphere and character ... then look no further, "The Cabaret Piano!" 

Download: SampleHero - The Cabaret Piano (KONTAKT)


Muze - Acoustic Pianos (KONTAKT)

Muze - Acoustic Pianos for KONTAKT - the classic YAMAHA C7 sound and completely new hybrid instruments with an interface that allows you to control all aspects of the sound. In total, you will have 144 source sounds to explore, transform, combine and create your own piano. KONTAKT 5.6+ 

Download: Muze - Acoustic Pianos (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments - Scarbee MARK I v1.4.0 (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Scarbee MARK I v1.4.0 (KONTAKT) - update version of the legendary 1970s electric piano was sampled to emphasize its analogue uniqueness. The classic sound offered by SCARBEE MARK I ranges from warm and soft to bright and barking, and can also produce ringing sounds. Although it is, of course, the perfect choice for jazz, funk, fusion and R&B, this instrument is also versatile enough for any production where the authentic sound of an electric piano is important. 

Download: Native Instruments - Scarbee MARK I v1.4.0 (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments - Noire (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Noire for KONTAKT is Grand Piano Instrument - which includes both the clean and felt versions of the Yamaha CFX 9 concert grand show - was carefully selected in the rich environment of Saal 3 at the Berlin recording complex Funkhaus.  NOIRE offers new sonic inspiration for solo compositions, scoring, and more, with two distinct grand piano sample sets. KONTAKT PLAYER FULL version 6.0.4 or higher

Download: Native Instruments - Noire (KONTAKT)


Cinesamples Piano in Blue v2 (KONTAKT)

Cinesamples Piano in Blue v2 (KONTAKT). The Steinway Model D Concert Grand 1949 Piano Sample Library, which was used to record the "Goldberg Variations" albums by Glenn Gould and "Kind of Blue" by Miles Davis. Among other piano libraries, Piano in Blue stands out for its exquisite vintage sound. 

Download: Cinesamples Piano in Blue v2 (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments Elektrik Piano 1.5

Now based on the KONTAKT engine, ELEKTRIK PIANO 1.5 boasts many additional features for an uniquely vivid sound - plus Intel Mac compatibility. ELEKTRIK PIANO 1.5 has a brand new engine under the hood. Based on the super-powerful KONTAKT - Native Instruments' award winning sampler engine, ELEKTRIK PIANO 1.5 now features greater stability, much faster loading times, host automation capacity, an improved voice allocation algorithm, thoroughly reworked 'authentic' patches, and numerous other small improvements from version 1.5. Version 1.5 sees the acclaimed e-piano software reach a new level in realism and dynamic playability. The four classic electric pianos have been refined in almost every detail, and their range expanded with 16 new and stunningly authentic instrument presets.

Download: Native Instruments Elektrik Piano 1.5

Details - Nord Stage 2 Piano (KONTAKT) - Nord Stage 2 Piano for KONTAKT was designed with care for a musician who needs to have a quality sound on the monitor, taking up little memory and on disk, and memory for achieving the best results in live performances, recordings and many other applications. All tune this instrument have a "Control Purpose", allowing the user to program each knob on your MIDI controller, facilitating quick access to physical parameters. Nord Stage 3 Ultimate Stage Pianos (KONTAKT)

Download: - Nord Stage 2 Piano (KONTAKT)


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