DAG Alliance - Fire Strings (KONTAKT)

DAG Alliance - Fire Strings is a hybrid instrument for composers and producers of cinematography. The library consists of a high-quality collection of sounds of electric violins and guitars (used by Neve, API, Universal Audio, Manley). Included more than 140 sounds, including textures and grooves. 

Download: DAG Alliance - Fire Strings (KONTAKT)


Versilian Studios - Chamber Orchestra 2 Standard Edition (KONTAKT)

Versilian Studios - Chamber Orchestra 2 Standard Edition for KONTAKT provides the realism you need to start writing great orchestral music — or add a few intimate and clean instruments to your existing collection of sample libraries. For the writing live music the 35 major orchestral instruments and sections in the Standard Edition are the foundation you need to do the work. 

Download: Versilian Studios - Chamber Orchestra 2 Standard Edition (KONTAKT)


Kirk Hunter Studios - Concert Strings 3 (KONTAKT)

Kirk Hunter Studios - Concert Strings 3 is a comprised of up to 16 individual, separately-recorded players: 16 1st Violins, 16 2nd Violins, 16 Violas, 16 Cellos, 16 Basses. Each player was recorded separately and is additionally programmed in its own group in Kontakt. Therefore, it is possible to implement a true divisi when chords are played. 

Download: Kirk Hunter Studios - Concert Strings 3 (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments - ACTION STRIKES (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments Company has released Аction Strikes - intuitive orchestral a percussion instrument for creating rhythms for cinematography with the help of 12 unique Ensembles, 65 individual instruments and 12 sets of single hit - all with control functions in real time. Native Instruments Аction Strikes is equipped with an advanced interface, specially designed for the creation of orchestral pieces for cinema, television and computer games. 

Download: Native Instruments - ACTION STRIKES (KONTAKT)


Kirk Hunter Studios - Front Row Violins (KONTAKT)

Kirk Hunter Studios - Front Row Violins for NI KONTAKT includes an amazing solo violin and versatility to go from solo to any size violinist you choose, from one soloist to 16 players. Each section size has been carefully recorded separately, so you get a real and unique ensemble. 

Download: Kirk Hunter Studios - Front Row Violins (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments - Session Strings 2 (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Session Strings 2 for KONTAKT based on the extremely popular products of the SESSION STRINGS 2 series, they combine updated sound with a new, modern interface, plus several user-friendly features to help you quickly realize your creative vision. 

Download: Native Instruments - Session Strings 2 (KONTAKT)


Auddict - Virtuoso Violin (KONTAKT)

The most realistic violins are Virtuoso Violin - a library for Kontakt 5 +. We tried to cover as many possible sounds of the violin as possible, resulting in a huge list of articulations, which you can see below. We even specially sampled slurred, bowed and fast legato, so you can correctly and realistically execute various passages. 

Download: Auddict - Virtuoso Violin (KONTAKT)


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