Big Fish Audio - Vintage Strings (KONTAKT)

Vitage Strings library for Kontakt from Big Fish Audio. It's a library geared toward 60s and 70s string sections, similar to classic soul, funk, and r&b music. If you need string sounds that aren't huge and cinematic sounding, this may be one to check out. Big Fish Audio - Vintage Strings contains 3 groups of 2.6 and 12 violins. The graphical user interface is very simple and easy to use. 

Download: Big Fish Audio - Vintage Strings (KONTAKT)


CineSamples - CineStrings Runs (Kontakt)

CineSamples - CineStrings Runs for Kontakt Native Instruments - the most convenient library violins in the world, recorded at the world famous MGM Scoring Stage at Sony Pictures Studios in Los Angeles, California. Nothing can be done for a more authentic sound of violins, than writing in a magnificent acoustic space. When combined with our advanced technology and easy to use interface, this surprisingly compelling library for those who want to add a more realistic sound in his music. The library consists of recordings of violin by various methods.

Download: CineSamples - CineStrings Runs (Kontakt)


Signor Paganini Solo Violin (KONTAKT)

Simple Sam Samples - Signor Paganini is the ultimate Solo Violin having articulation: Staccato / Spiccato library. Excellent solo violin. 13 layers of velocity. Ideal for film music and classical works. Designed by an Emmy Award-Winning team, Signor Paganini defines a new level of realism in virtual solo string instruments.

Download: Signor Paganini Solo Violin (KONTAKT)


ARIA Sounds - French Horn (KONTAKT)

Orchestral instruments French Horn from the company Aria Sounds. Most notes with three dynamic layers, each with three round robin recordings for a total of up to nine variations per note for a natural human sound. You can blend between dynamic layers with the mod wheel to capture the full breadth and dimension of the sound in a single note. Through key switches you can also switch back and forth between long notes and staccato. 

Download: ARIA Sounds - French Horn (KONTAKT)


Orchestral Tools - The Timpani (Kontakt)

Orchestral Tools - The Timpani - sound library sound wonderful orchestral timpani, with its many different aspects of one of our favorite places - The Teldex in Berlin. On the same stage, where we recorded the Berlin woodwind THE Glock. The Timpani is the first library of its kind with a true Damping Control, which allows you to loosen the skin a very natural way with the help of specially recorded samples.

Download: Orchestral Tools - The Timpani (Kontakt)


Westgate Studios - Clarinets (Kontakt)

Westgate Studios - Modular Series Clarinets for Native Instrument Kontakt provide you with 77 patches with samples solo clarinet Bb. Westgate Studios introduces a new series of richly detailed samples and expertly programmed patches. Modular Series sets a new benchmark of excellence in symphonic instruments. 

Download: Westgate Studios - Clarinets


Soniccouture - The Conservatoire Collection

Soniccouture - The Conservatoire Collection the original musical instruments of the great composers are now ancient museum pieces whose age - for hundreds of years, and their condition precludes the possibility of their use for other purposes. Library samples following musical instruments: French Harpsichord, Flemish Harpsichord, Theorbo, English Theorbo, Baroque Guitar, Psaltery, Baroque Timpani, Renaissance Side-drum, Nakers, Hurdy Gurdy.

Download: Soniccouture - The Conservatoire Collection


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