Gospel Musicians - MKS-20 Piano Module MKSensation (KONTAKT)

Gospel Musicians - MKS-20 Piano Module MKSensation for NI KONTAKT is one of the most revered electric and digital piano modules ever made. The MKS-20 used a technology called SAS (Structured / Adaptive Synthesis) which was designed to emulate a real piano with a ton expressiveness per velocity. 

Download: Gospel Musicians - MKS-20 Piano Module MKSensation (KONTAKT)


Strix Instruments - PRIPYAT Pianos (KONTAKT)

Strix Instruments - PRIPYAT Pianos (KONTAKT) - RADIOACTIVE PIANOS FROM THE CHERNOBYL EXCLUSION ZONE. For seven years our team has made more than 25 trips to the city of Pripyat for detailed collection of audio materials. We’ve found and recorded 20 instruments in various parts of Pripyat that are of different levels of preservation and functionality. This amount of instruments was necessary to create a tool suitable not only for sound design, but also for writing compositions.

Download: Strix Instruments - PRIPYAT Pianos (KONTAKT)


Simple Sam Samples - Vintage Upright (KONTAKT)

Simple Sam Samples - Vintage Upright is a beautiful "character" piano, subtly out-of-tune, bursting with realism, and filling a gap between the pristinely sampled pianos on the market and novelty "junk" pianos. Its haunting tone shines beautifully as a solo instrument or in the mix, and lends extraordinary character to any style of music including jazz, rock, blues, pop, ragtime, and film applications. 

Download: Simple Sam Samples - Vintage Upright (KONTAKT)


Audiolounge Urs Wiesendanger - Rhodes Affair VSTi (x86 x64)

Audiolounge present Urs Wiesendanger "Rhodes Affair" AU /VST Plug-in for Windows 32/64 Bit. 'Rhodes Affair' is indeed a very particular instrument. For some of you maybe just another rhodes sound, but for SOME of you the distinctive sound you were always looking for! "Rhodes Affair" couldn't be more simple and straight forward. It contains very high quality ONE SOUND ONLY. 

Download: Audiolounge Urs Wiesendanger - Rhodes Affair VSTi (86 x64)


Sonixinema - London Boyd: 1920's Upright (KONTAKT)

Sonixinema Introduces London Boyd - 1920s Upright, Sonixinema's New Vertical Piano Library. This charming piano has graced the halls of some of London's finest establishments for most of the century. Its characteristic and deep timbre echoes the story that preceded it, which inspired us to transfer sound into this unique virtual instrument. 

Download: Sonixinema - London Boyd: 1920's Upright (KONTAKT)


Native Instruments - The Giant v1.2.0 (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - The Giant v1.2.0 captures the sound of the biggest piano in the world to convey something even bigger: an intense, dynamic experience of playing with a sound that cannot but inspire. From urban pop music, pretentious scores, soft piano ballads, driving rock riffs or dull jazz timbres, the raw sound of THE GIANT instantly satisfies - right out of the box. 

Download: Native Instruments - The Giant v1.2.0 (KONTAKT)


Westwood Instruments - ALT PIANO (KONTAKT)

Westwood Instruments - ALT PIANO (KONTAKT) is the complete and complete older brother of our very famous Upright Felt Piano. We recorded an old, simple piano with 60s character, with and without felt, which made it a piano with two very different sounds. Soft and beautiful, or bright and lively, or when mixing recordings to achieve a tone unlike anything else. 

Download: Westwood Instruments - ALT PIANO (KONTAKT)


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