Native Instruments - Bandstand

Native Instruments BANDSTAND - excellent sound module with a compatible with the General MIDI 1 library tools and perfectly suited to musicians, composers and singers. 128 selected instruments level high-end and 9 drum kits complement each other perfectly, allowing you to create attractive soundscapes, perfect for playing MIDI-files. BANDSTAND sets new standards for sound libraries, integrated effects processors, individual convenience and ease of editing tools such products in general.


Native Instruments Bandstand part 1

Native Instruments Bandstand part 2

Native Instruments Bandstand part 3

Native Instruments Bandstand part 4

Native Instruments Bandstand combines modern player with more than 2 GB of professional samples and 128 instruments. Rich bass, tight drums, guitars shiny, juicy strings, sonorous piano and many other high-end-sounds - the quality of these samples sets a new level of such instruments. 

Sound module with a compatible standard General MIDI sound set
Library professional sample volume over 2 GB, which includes 128 instruments and 9 drum kits
Automation controllers GM2, GS and XG MIDI
Based on the sampler KONTAKT 2 engine, providing great sound quality
Transparent to the user and is extremely easy to use interface
Intuitive selection and replacement of instruments and drum kits
MIDI-file player with adjustable tempo and export function as an audio file
High-quality effects: convolution reverb, chorus, limiter, and three-band EQ
Quick edit: transpose in real time, quantization, changing system and tools humanization
Preset Manager allows convenient control individual settings for each MIDI-File

BANDSTAND is compatible with the 
GM1, GM2, XG®, GS® and HQ® control systems.


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