Hybrid Two - Project Chaos (KONTAKT) (WIN.OSX)

Hybrid Two - Project Chaos has implemented our most advanced user interface to date. With Project Chaos, you have access to 4 layers, each of which has its own advanced step sequencer, with sub-sequencers of each step for volume, sample triggering, tuning, and panning. 


Hybrid Two - Project Chaos (KONTAKT) (WIN.OSX) part 1

Hybrid Two - Project Chaos (KONTAKT) (WIN.OSX) part 2

Hybrid Two - Project Chaos (KONTAKT) (WIN.OSX) part 3

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With Project Chaos, you can create what we call Chaos Banks. These are essentially standalone Project Chaos instances, each with its own set of up to 32 sample categories and its own set of 300 presets. For the first time, you can truly make your tool.
Categories include breaks, analog synthetic loops, drum shots, drum loops, distorted bits, downers, drones and textures, drum beats, fragmented drones, fragment repeaters, impact, KickForce, slow / medium / fast rhythms, ramp up, whistling.

- 2+ gigabytes of all new sample content
- Bring in your audio and create your own Project Chaos expansions with the included Bank Manager tool
- Custom Preset System
- Per-Layer Step Sequencers with Per-Step Sub Sequencers
- Sample selection across up to 32 Sample Categories on every layer
- Solo play mode and Menu play mode with Keyswitch Tuning per-layer
- Modulation Matrix with 2 Scripted LFOs and 2 Sequencers
- Created by renowned sound designers Daniel James and Aaron Frensley
- Open Wave Format allows easy drag and drop of all sample content into your DAW


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