Performance Samples - CON MOTO – CELLOS (KONTAKT)

Performance Samples - CON MOTO - CELLOS (KONTAKT) is a string library recorded with movement in sustain, legato and attack. The bowed sustain offers continuously expressed vibrato and emotions through approaches to performance and editing. resonating attack notes and carefully prepared release samples obtained from musical performance units turn into a game that provides a smooth change in the length of notes, similar to previous Performance Samples libraries.


Performance Samples - CON MOTO – CELLOS (KONTAKT) part 1

Performance Samples - CON MOTO – CELLOS (KONTAKT) part 2

In much the same spirit as in Oceania, Con Moto - Cellos continues to follow the path of “sampled energetic releases” and recognition of phrase endings in terms of performance as a critical tool element in the functionality of sampled releases. Transitions of legato-change of bow position cover all of this together, and when the entire library is presented musically, the result is an air ensemble with a coordination of phrases, vibrato and expression.


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