Native Instruments - SCARBEE MM-BASS AMPED v1.1.0 (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - SCARBEE MM-BASS AMPED v1.1.0 for KONTAKT is a carefully sampled sound to attend to sit in the mix. Four sounds for R&B, pop, rock and hard rock. 17 expressive articulations and techniques. SCARBEE MM-BASS AMPED is based on the Scarbee Black Bass, created by seasoned bassist and producer Thomas Hansen Skarbye and inspired by the sound of Bernard Edwards (Chic). 11.84 Gb.

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To provide you with ready-made sounds for your pieces, SCARBEE MM-BASS AMPED offers a choice of four different amp settings.
Fat - rounded and dense bass, specially created for rock and pop-oriented music.
Heavy is a sharp and hard bass specially created for heavy rock oriented music.
Crunchy is a powerful and slightly distorted bass specifically designed for rock-oriented music.
Pop is a thick and crispy bass specially created for R&B and pop-oriented music.

SCARBEE MM-BASS AMPED was recorded with flat-wrapped strings to get the warm creamy sound of the 1970s bass lines. Full bass strings were sampled to reproduce the tone changes that happen when switching between low and high frets - giving you a rich, natural sound with all overtones.
SCARBEE MM-BASS AMPED is much more than just a collection of samples. It includes an extensive array of gaming techniques, including sustain, muffles, harmonics, hammering, snippets, slides, and more. And thanks to some complex scenarios, the SCARBEE MM-BASS AMPED comes to life thanks to features such as dynamic fretboard display, chord recognition, randomly alternating triggering of various samples, random insertion of pickup beats and realistic vibrato - all this allows you to decorate your groove.
Thomas Hansen Skarbye is a high-level bass player who has worked with artists such as Neil Rogers (Chic) and Alicia Keyes. His sound design brand has become synonymous with quality, and his sampled instruments have become the first choice of many leading producers and musicians around the world.

Articulations and techniques:
Fast grace notes
Slides - in practically any speed and any interval
Trills and trill-tails
Cross hammering
Chord slides
Percussive slides
Index and middle finger alternation
Two different sets of release samples: loose and tight
Pickup-hit noises
Fret noises


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