Native Instruments - Kinetic Toys (WIN.OSX) (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Kinetic Toys represents dynamic playback of 200+ records of old children's toys and instruments, each of which has its own synthesized layer to create reproducible tones. They are then superimposed and processed using a dynamic X-Y modulation system. With the help of Kinetic Toys you will dissolve in the fantastic world of toy sounds, spatial synthesized tones, morphing and creative effects. KONTAKT 5.6.8 (add library by tab menu with standalone 5.6.6 version, after use library with 5.6.8 UNLOCKED version)


Native Instruments - Kinetic Toys part 1

Native Instruments - Kinetic Toys part 2

Native Instruments - Kinetic Toys part 3

Native Instruments - Kinetic Toys part 4

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Sounds range from kinetic toys to clockwork robots, railroads, to slot machines and popcorn. The library contains 35 themed sound sets, each containing eight dynamically mixed sounds of toys and synthesized sounds and is controlled by four effects. Both types of sound and effects can be assigned manually and ready for modulation and morphing.
Ballet Studio
The central part of Kinetic Toys are two X-Y controllers for modulating sound scenes and effects scenes. The ballerina controls the sound scenes. When she dances, the sounds are transformed between eight toy sounds and eight layers of the synthesizer. Its movement can be played manually and automatically.
Dancing Robot
The robot works exactly like a ballerina, it modulates up to eight effect processors. Individual effects are calculated on each topic and are divided into four categories: resonance effects (equalizer and filters), spatial processors (for example, delays), bitcrushers and distortions, modulation tools. There are also four assignable sources of modulation: two envelopes and two lfo.


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