Native Instruments - Discovery Series: Middle East (KONTAKT)

Native Instruments - Discovery Series: Middle East provides access to rich Arabic, Turkish and Persian music, enrich your tracks with an exciting musical heritage. Create authentic sounding traditional sound landscapes or add unique textures to modern mixes. 

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Middle Eastern Instruments: Add an authentic Middle Eastern flavor to your compositions, based on a wide range of carefully selected percussion, melodic and stringed instruments.
Percussions: From the darbuk and frame drums to miniature timpani and sagata, this collection offers an array of 15 percussion instruments. Play them individually or as part of a well-balanced ensemble. Click on the advanced groove to quickly create a track using editable patterns and fillings, then add groove, feel and intensity. Create an instantly recognizable atmosphere or create modern bits with a touch to the Middle East.
Melodika: Immediately transfer your listeners to lands that cross the East and West with authentic melodic instruments. Choose one of the nine string instruments. Make a distinctive Middle Eastern sound, quickly create tracks, drawing from a variety of custom phrases suitable for traditional or modern genres.
String: Expand your sound spectrum. The string group includes two violins, an alto and a cello, recorded by a well-known ensemble from Istanbul. Choose a phrase to start the assembly of the track or catch the inspiration for your own game. Adjust the phrase as needed. Choose an alternative range to give your composition a traditional character. Adjust the group mix to achieve the right balance for your products. 

Product type: KOMPLETE Instrument
Number of instruments: 27 NKIs (3 ensembles, 15 percussion instruments, 9 melodic instruments)
Number of snapshots: 248
Number of sequences: 1,488 MIDI files, grouped in 248 pattern sets (6 MIDI files per pattern set)
Number of scales: 36
Sound categories: World instruments and percussion

Extensive instrument and pattern library drawn from Arabic, Turkish, and Persian music
25 authentic instruments, captured in superb quality
Easily accessible sounds, scales, and phrases


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