Musical Sampling - Trailer Strings (KONTAKT)

Musical Sampling Trailer Strings - string ensemble samples: 18 violins, 16 violas, 14 cellos and 12 double basses recorded separately in the same concert hall as Trailer Brass. We've also incorporated our wide/centered seating arrangement to help achieve the same modern, oversized aesthetic we were going for. Trailer Strings shares the same mantra its portly, brassy cousin follows: loud, huge, agressive. 


Musical Sampling - Trailer Strings part 1

Musical Sampling - Trailer Strings part 2

Musical Sampling - Trailer Strings part 3

Musical Sampling - Trailer Strings part 4

Musical Sampling - Trailer Strings part 5

Musical Sampling - Trailer Strings part 6

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Companion library to Trailer Brass.
Recorded in a large concert hall.
Four different sections: 18 Violins, 16 Violas, 14 Cellos, 12 Basses.
Morph Stacking programming allows any note length to sound natural.
Recorded in centered, wide seating arrangement across the stage.
To Silence feature.
Adjustable Humanization feature.
Includes true FFF sampling.
Sustains include true ppp sampling.
Three microphone positions: Close, Room, Mixed.
Includes All Strings patch.
Recorded in 48khz / 24bit.
8.7 GB uncompressed (5.3 GB compressed NCW format).
Compatible with Kontakt 5.5.1 or higher (requires full retail version of Kontakt).


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