Sample Logic - Cyclone Retwisted (KONTAKT)

Cyclone Retwisted - completely redesigned and modernized Sample Logic's CYCLONE. Currently equipped with a proprietary Step and FX Animator technology from Sample Logic together with a two-voice additive synthesizer, Cyclone Retwisted is an amazing, inspiring electronic sounds and the ultimate solution for the Kontakt sampler. 


Sample Logic - Cyclone Retwisted (KONTAKT) part 1

Sample Logic - Cyclone Retwisted (KONTAKT) part 2

Sample Logic - Cyclone Retwisted (KONTAKT) part 3

Sample Logic - Cyclone Retwisted (KONTAKT) part 4

This electronic virtual instrument contains more than 475 completely new instruments and multi-layer moving pads, kinematic harmonic instruments from dubstep basses, electronic hybrid leads, to experimental drum kits. CYCLONE RETWISTED also includes the original Cyclone 1.0 in its entirety, as well as the Glow Multi expansion package, providing a total of 850+ tools and MULTIS. Whether you want to get inspirational presets in a short time or want to dig deeper and create your own tools, CYCLONE RETWISTED provides amazing multi-presets and tools that are ready for use and can be quickly configured for instant transformation. Sample Logic re-opened the user interface from scratch! The CYCLONE RETWISTED engine is centered around the user interface, providing the freedom of infinitely converting samples to amazing evolving synthesizers with tremendous energy. The interface still includes Triggers, Wave, and LFO and now rises to new heights with several additional functions, such as: stretching, a two-voice additive synthesizing engine called "Wave", a modulator and sequencer of the multi-voiced "Pitch" section A, oscillator with a dual filter to create proprietary unprecedented effects from Sample Logic using Step Animator and FX Animator sequencers.


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