Pettinhouse - HumbuckerGuitar 2.0 (KONTAKT)

Pettinhouse - HumbuckerGuitar 2.0 (KONTAKT) is a set of electric guitar chords and single samples Gibson Les Paul, which is suitable for most styles of music, also have the opportunity to choose different guitar cabinets. Pettinhouse - HumbuckerGuitar 2.0 features over 3.6gb of samples at 24bit 96Khz with full sustain, four dynamic layers, two round robin (alternate picking with Upstroke and Downstroke). It was recorded dry without any effects directly to the audio interface exactly like when you plug a real electric guitar into it.


Pettinhouse - HumbuckerGuitar 2.0 part 1

Pettinhouse - HumbuckerGuitar 2.0 part 2

Pettinhouse - HumbuckerGuitar 2.0 part 3

HumbuckerGuitar 2.0 includes a REAL GUITAR CHORDS ENGINE which allows you to ”strum” your keyboard just by playing basic keyboard chords and it automatically translates them into guitar chords. You can also arpeggiate the notes of the chords. 
Thanks to a series of assigned keys you can also play Upstrokes, Downstrokes and alternate them with powerchords ( the first two strings ). Pick noises and string noises are also included. With the Strum Speed Knob you can change the speed of the strum.
Chords: Maj, Min, 7th, Maj 7th, 9th, 7-9th, Sus2, Sus 4, Sus 4-7, Min , Min 7-9, Dim.
With the “Powerchord” you can play real guitar power chords with one key. There are Open and Muted Power chords useful for playing from Metal to clean pop riffs.


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