Musical Sampling - Nylon Rustique (KONTAKT)


Musical Sampling - Nylon Rustique for KONTAKT is an emotional legato nylon guitar library. Experience the soul-stirring melodies and delicate nuances of our exquisite Nylon Rustique guitar library. Designed specifically for slower/moderate-tempo contexts, this extraordinary instrument is guaranteed to evoke powerful emotions in your music. 


Musical Sampling - Nylon Rustique (KONTAKT) part 1

Musical Sampling - Nylon Rustique (KONTAKT) part 2

Musical Sampling - Nylon Rustique (KONTAKT) part 3

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Unlike other libraries, Nylon Rustique features a seamless keyswitchless patch, eliminating any disruption in your creative flow. With a simple touch, immerse yourself in a world of expressive legato performances.

Unleash your creativity with our meticulously captured legato types. Activate the natural plucked legato performances in the primary range, effortlessly infusing your compositions with mesmerizing melodies. For an added touch of brilliance, explore the high-velocity range to trigger seamless slides without any pluck samples. These slides can extend up to a whole-step, allowing you to seamlessly transition between notes with ease.

To add depth and character to your compositions, we've incorporated slides with pluck articulation in the lower velocity range. Here, the modwheel gives you complete control over the speed of these slides, enabling you to add a touch of emotion or intensity to your music.


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