Musical Sampling - Anthem Choir 2 (KONTAKT)

Musical Sampling - Anthem Choir 2 for KONTAKT is a legato choir library designed for non-traditional settings like pop, rock, electronic, hip-hop, and anthemic genres.

Download:Musical Sampling - Anthem Choir 2 (KONTAKT)


Musical Sampling - Nylon Rustique (KONTAKT)


Musical Sampling - Nylon Rustique for KONTAKT is an emotional legato nylon guitar library. Experience the soul-stirring melodies and delicate nuances of our exquisite Nylon Rustique guitar library. Designed specifically for slower/moderate-tempo contexts, this extraordinary instrument is guaranteed to evoke powerful emotions in your music. 

Download:Musical Sampling - Nylon Rustique (KONTAKT)


Musical Sampling - Adventure Strings (KONTAKT)

Musical Sampling - Adventure Strings for KONTAKT - the continuation of our debut release Soaring Strings. Performed by the same number of players recorded in the same space, sitting in their traditional positions - both libraries have the same aesthetics of performance. Strong, passionate and relentlessly energetic.

Download: Musical Sampling - Adventure Strings (KONTAKT)


Musical Sampling - Boutique Drums Ruby (KONTAKT)

Ruby is the first release in our Boutique Drums series. We've consulted our drummer Brian Skoggin (Casting Crowns), who has prepared a set of really exclusive drum parts for this release. We also decided to record at Hey Hey Studios in Griffin, Georgia due to its outstanding acoustics and engineering; a wonderful space providing a tastefully balanced space and character.

Download: Musical Sampling - Boutique Drums Ruby (KONTAKT)


Musical Sampling - Atelier Series: Daydream (KONTAKT)

Musical Sampling - Atelier Series: Daydream is an intimate release featuring four piano instruments focused on an emotional, ethereal context. For the Cozy Piano patch, we recorded a piano in the pianissimo range with a Neumann KM 184 stereo pair behind the piano. A great patch if you're looking for a soft intimate piano with enough character. 

Download: Musical Sampling - Atelier Series: Daydream (KONTAKT)


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