Cinesamples - Continuum Guitars (KONTAKT)

Cinesamples - Continuum Guitars for NI KONTAKT offers a fresh and simple approach to recording guitar performances. Built with the composer in mind, this library is like the flexibility and experience of a real guitarist at your fingertips, offering textures, rhythms, pads, melodies and more based on performance. Its advanced features and unique voice make the Continuum a truly powerful and inspiring instrument. 


Cinesamples - Continuum Guitars (KONTAKT) part 1

Cinesamples - Continuum Guitars (KONTAKT) part 2

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FACTORY PRESETS - With over 200 factory presets, the Continuum Guitars sound palette can be explored quickly and easily. Factory presets, from lush pads and evolving things to complex rhythms and musical effects, have been carefully thought out to make the most of this library.
CUSTOM PRESETS - The Presets window also has 40 user-definable preset slots for storing and cataloging custom presets and instrument settings.
SAMPLER - Powerful sampler module includes audio source selector, ADSR controls and options for reverse, grid lock, and playback speed. These controls are used to select which samples to launch and how to play them.
Choose from 16 source sets, transform the sample by reverse playback or change the speed, unlock tremendous performance flexibility with the Grid Lock function, and shape the sound with ADSR controls.
SOURCES - Pressing the Source button opens the source menu. From this menu, select the starting point for creating the sound. Based on the selected source, a unique keyboard layout and Sampler Engine will be loaded.
Choose between pattern-based performances, evolving vector-controlled textures, or multi-velocity sample sets.
VECTOR ENGINE - Vector mode is enabled when you select Vector 1-3 sound sources in the Sources panel.
The four performances are located at the extreme points of the XY axis, defining a point in the XY mixing between them. Movement is achieved using mouse, automation, and key switches.
The Vector module is split into low (blue) and high (green) bands, allowing separate volume / mix control for each band. Use the low range for bass drones and the high range for tunes.
The STEP ENGINE is an arpeggiator and sequencer designed for working with single and looped samples. This engine provides modulation of Amp and Fx parameters, as well as performance flexibility through key switch presets.
The STEPS module availability depends on the selected source. Vector 1-3 sources use the Vector Engine.
STOMP MODULE - The Continuum Guitars signal chain starts here with the Stomp module. Increasing the Stomp Gain or selecting different Stomp Models will change the amp response, just like analog pedals and classic tube amps. Take Continuum Guitars into overdrive and total distortion territory with three classic pedal models, or completely change the sound with a Lo-Fi model.
AMPS - Shape your sound with the Amp module. Each Amp Model has a unique character and set of controls, from rich and full to melodic with vibrato controls. Three amp models and 19 unique cabinets are available, including two rotator modes. Custom-made IRs bring these amps to life, giving the sound an analog tone and vibe.
DELAY MODULE - has five models to choose from with switches for Ping-Pong and Reverse modes. This module also has a fully customizable filter control that can be set at each end of the spectrum and dynamically moved across the range, giving tremendous control over the shaping of the delay tail.
REVERB - The tunable reverb module consists of five unique types and a full set of tunable IRs. Reverb is at the heart of any sound design library. From lush and massive reverb to spring and reverse modes, all the basics are covered, and new possibilities open up for all sorts of sonic discoveries.


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