Audiofier - EkoRain (KONTAKT)

Audiofier - EkoRain for KONTAKT is a unique ambient / cinematic instrument that creates beautiful and sophisticated soundscapes that we call EKOS. Ekorain creates decorations and support notes to complement your melodies. The speed and occurrence of these EKOS can be controlled with CC to sound like a chorus of gentle raindrops or a stream of musical beauty. 


Audiofier - EkoRain (KONTAKT) for Windows


Audiofier - EkoRain (KONTAKT) for Mac OS

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At the heart of Ekorain there are 2 layers of sound sources that will execute the generated EKOS. The sounds were sampled mainly from acoustic instruments, but also from analog / digital synthesizers, which were specially selected to beautifully combine more organic recordings.
The user has complete control over the way EKOS is created and executed. The unique CC speed control allows the user to control the amount and speed of the generated EKOS in real time, creating stunning and unique "musicality of time and space" effects. Ekorain includes an always-present Convolver with unique impulse responses that dramatically change the characteristics of the sound. Also includes a Pitch Envelope control that can affect each Eko differently and creatively. The Scale Manager (with 4 user-selectable scales that can be called up using a rocker switch) ensures that all Ekos created, respecting the user-set intervals, never go out of key.
Ekorain also includes a third layer that offers pad-type sound sources that will complement the generated Ekos in certain musical situations that require a thicker sound. Movement can be applied to the pad layer by turning on the Pad Step Volume parameter, which includes sequence presets and can also be randomized.
Ekorain has an arpeggiator that can be used in conjunction with the Ekos effects. The arpeggiator includes all the usual elements, but will create an exquisite aura of sound when Ekos embellishes the notes of the arpeggio at a lower tuning of the arpeggio. And all notes created by Ekorain can be captured and exported using Midi Drag & Drop so you can them with another instrument on a different track. 

95 Sound Sources in 5 cateqories:
Orqanic, Physical Medelinq, Granular, Analoq Synth, Effected
35 Pads Sound sources
100+ Snapshots.
Ekos generation.
Scale Manager with 4 Scales Key Switches
Pad Layer Step Volume Fx
Sound Randomiser with Undo/Redo
Midi Drag & Drop of Generated midi notes
Convolver with unique IRs
Pitch Envelope with several behaviours.
Random Panner.
Pad Freeze effect of last notes performed.


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