Kirk Hunter Studios - Kinetic: Brass Motion Engine (KONTAKT)

Kirk Hunter Studios - Kinetic: Brass Motion Engine (KONTAKT)

With Kirk Hunter Studios - Kinetic: Brass Motion Engine for (KONTAKT) you get the entire brass section in one instrument. This means you get a separate timeline for each section. Each timeline contains 64 notes or rests and can be divided into 4 "regions". And you can make each timeline play differently, whether you're holding a single note or a chord. NI Kontakt FULL v5.7.1 Included


Kirk Hunter Studios - Kinetic: Brass Motion Engine (KONTAKT) for Windows

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to reset the usage counter:
- open the file "/Data/all_notes_on_brass.nka" in a text editor and change the value of the second line to 0
- delete file "/Data/all_notes_on_brass.nka"

to lock the usage counter:
- set read-only access for all users to the file "/Data/all_notes_on_brass.nka"

Choose from 30 preset presets. And if you really want to fool around, you can choose any of the same 30 presets for each section separately. This means that trumpets can play the Superman preset, horns can play the Terminator preset, trombones can play the X-Men preset, and tubas can play the Cap. America" EVERYTHING SIMULTANEOUSLY! And, of course, any or all of these templates can be edited.

4 Independent Timelines (not just 2 for high range and low range!)
4 Trumpets
4 French Horns
4 Trombones
2 Tubas
For Each of the 4 Timelines
64 Editable Note/Rest Events per Timeline
4 Regions per Timeline
Each region's length can be changed.
Regions can overlap.
Repetition On/Off
Region Cycling (Regions can cycle 1 through 4, or not at all.)
Articulation Chooser (Staccato, Marcato, Portato)
Accent Control (Accent every 2, 3, 4 or 6 events. Choose "Subtle, Moderate or Dynamic" accent style.)
Tighten/Broaden Notes
Playable Range Editor
Sordini (Mutes)
Copy/Past Regions
Solo/Mute Timeline
Randomize Repetitions
Select Built-In Popular Rhythms
Select from 30 Presets
Global Control (Main Page):
Repetitions On/Off
View Grid (base 3 or base 4 for easy editing)
Event Resolution (Whole, Half, Quarter, 8th, 16th or 32nd Duration per Event)
Triplet Function (On/Off, and Edit Triplet's Playable Range)
Select from 30 Global Presets
Audio Preview of Presets
Load/Save Patterns
Randomize all Timelines
Built-In Tutorial
MIDI Record and Drag-and-Drop
Mixer Page:
Auto-Mix (Intelligently "mixes" each section for a smooth transition between them.)
3-Band Parametric EQ
Velocity Variation (Randomizes note velocities for added realism.)
Velocity Sensitivity
Velocity Takeover (During playback, you can "grab" the current velocity and "take over".)
Humanize Repetitions (A scalable "Un-Quantize" repetition rate for added realism.)
Reverb and Room Size
Velocity-Controlled Warm/Bright Control
Microphone Mixer
Presets for Microphone and Reverb Settings
Section Mixer for Violins, Violas, Cellos and Basses (Level, Pan, Purge)
Under The Hood:
Recorded at First Presbyterian Church, Santa Monica
Round Robin is randomized so that you never hear a "loop" effect.
Samples of the church ambience are carefully mixed in for a very natural sound.
Repetition will always follow the tempo of your DAW.


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